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2022 Graduates
Congrats on your outstanding achievement. Wishing you all the best for the future and all its challenges and opportunities.

Undergraduate Program (in English)

Educational Objectives of Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program

Graduates of Department of Industrial Engineering aim to work/study as;

  1. Engineers/experts/management trainees/ managers who develop empirical and/or theoretical solutions for problmes under risk and constraints utilizing industrial engineering methods and tools; give strategic decisions; design, analyze, plan and manage systems towards products, processes, information and technologies at national and international production and service businesses of public and private sectors
  2. Researchers/graduate students/ academicians who are capable to pursue graduate students at universities and/or make researches at R&D units
  3. Engineers who have sense of professional ethics; are self-confident; consider the environmental and social responsibilities; have communication skills; are aware for continuous improvement; have discipline for team work, integrate science, technology and professional life
  4. Innovative, proactive and entrepreneur engineers, owners and partners of companies, who have a sense of system; decompose a system into subsystems; follow global trends and changes; design new systems at new businesses and develop business models